All notable changes to this package will be documented in this file.The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

SDK 0.0.4




  • Change the TryAcquiredInfomation API. Now this API support return data asynchronously.
  • Change Android platform plugin package name to com.phantomsx.armodplugin.
  • Rename Android platform aar lib files name.
  • iOS Framework package size reduced by 23%.

SDK 0.0.3



  • New programming workfollow.
    • MonoBinder Developers will be allowed to perform visual configuration through the Inspector panel.
    • Quickly create AR experience through templates
  • LightProbs APIs support
  • Add default Event System to main scene
  • Add FaceMesh state
  • Add Face Mesh prefab
  • Add Auto convert to MonoBinder
  • Add convert to MonoBinder dialog
  • TryAcquireCurrentFrame allows to specify the method of obtaining Frame, asynchronous and synchronous
  • Load ComputeShader Supported


  • Changed the AR MOD SDK API. In the past, we needed to pass in the project name multiple times when loading resources or elsewhere, but now we only need to typing project name to the new API ()!
  • Obsolete API.InstanceGameObject api. Use Object.Instantiate instead
  • Rename development kit version to v0.0.3
  • Changed ImageDebug Resolution
  • Changed Focus Slam Not send any notification to AR-Experience on Unity Editor
  • Update Unity editor version to 2020.3.14f1
  • Obsolete the Anchor Stick type enum
  • Obsolete the Anchor ByScreen action
  • Change face mesh algorithm struct
  • Disable obfuscate plugin
  • Change AR-MOD API default constructor to new constructor, New ARMODAPI() -> New ARMODAPI(#PROJECT_NAME#)
  • Move ConversionType from Algorithm module to ActionNotificationData
  • Remove all parameters that need to be passed in the project name method
  • Change package Organization name phanatoms to phantomsxr


  • Core:Fix ARMOD API clr binding
  • Core:Fix Call error again after releasing the ActionNotificationCenter
  • Core:Fix Anchor Offset error
  • Core:TryAcquireCurrentFrame cannot get the specified format correctly
  • Android:Fix Ingamedebug plugin error
  • iOS:Fix defines

SDK 0.0.2



  • New API Exit ARMOD callback added
  • Camera Stack API added
  • Device vibration API added
  • Networking.DownloadHandler API added
  • Set Unity UGUI Canvas world camera api added
  • Access in-depth information
  • Access Camera frame
  • Support secondary development based on Unity
  • ARWorld Scale
  • Gyroscope support
  • Location Services
  • Runtime Debug log


  • SDK performance stability optimization
  • Native and Unity options to SDK configuration
  • Change the ImageTracker status to enumerated
  • The download resource file is too large and requires a prompt
  • Increase runtime quality adjustment
  • Added loading Material function


  • Fix development tool errors

SDK 0.0.1


Initial release

AR Basic

  • Device tracking: track the device's position and orientation in physical space.
  • Plane detection: detect horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Point clouds, also known as feature points.
  • Anchor: an arbitrary position and orientation that the device tracks.
  • Light estimation: estimates for average color temperature and brightness in physical space.
  • Environment probe: a means for generating a cube map to represent a particular area of the physical environment.
  • Face tracking: detect and track human faces.
  • 2D image tracking: detect and track 2D images.
  • Human segmentation: determines a stencil texture and depth map of humans detected in the camera image.
  • Raycast: queries physical surroundings for detected planes and feature points.
  • Pass-through video: optimized rendering of mobile camera image onto touch screen as the background for AR content.
  • Session management: manipulation of the platform-level configuration automatically when AR Features are enable or disabled.
  • Occlusion: allows for occlusion of virtual content by detected environmental depth (environment occlusion) or by detected human depth (human occlusion).

Unity Features

  • Unity Editor Support
  • Scriptable
  • Visual Scripting
  • Physics engine
  • Lights
  • Lightmap
  • Universal Render Pipeline
  • Custom Materials
  • Custom Shaders
  • UGUI
  • Sprite Atlas
  • Networking
  • Timeline
  • Animation and Animator
  • Custom onnx AI Models
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Hololens
  • Magicleap

Native Features

All Platform native features are supported, But need developers to develop and adapt by themselves

ARCMS Features

  • ARExperience management
  • ARShowcase management
  • Recommend the ARShowcase
  • Multiple APP support
  • Tags management
  • Authentication system
  • 10,000 http api requests per day/Application

Feature Support Per Platform

You can refer to this table to understand which parts of AR Foundation are relevant on specific platforms:
Magic Leap
Device tracking
Plane tracking
Point clouds
Light estimation
Environment probes
Face tracking
2D Image tracking
3D Object tracking
2D & 3D body tracking
Collaborative participants
Human segmentation
Pass-through video
Session management
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