Package Tools

What is the Package Tools?

Package Tools is an indispensable content creation tool in the Ar-MOD framework. Let us easily manage resources, algorithms, compression, etc. Use them to release our content to all applications using the AR-MOD framework.

User Interface

Package Tools Interface
Project list, used to present local projects
Light purple
Configuration options menu, Property: AR features, used to configure various AR algorithm features, etc.; Contents: used to manage the resources in the AR experience package; Build: build an AR creative experience interactive package
Light Red
Configuration workspace, used to configure the current AR experience, content, packaging, etc.

How to use Package Tools?

Create An ARMOD Project

At first, open the packageTools tool interface by Tools-> AR-MOD-> Package Tools
Move mouse to left side's project area and right click, Select New Project to create a new project in the project workspace.

Add AR Experience Features

  • Set the AR algorithm am Algorithm (required)
  • Set logical scripts and entry Programmable (required)
    • Domain Name must match the project name
    • MAIN Entry Create Project Name + MAINENTRY
  • Set the required features (on-demand)

Collect AR Objects

  • Go to Content Section
  • Drag the AR content resource from the Unity Assets panel to Content; and use short name naming. You can right click on the resource to select Short Name

Build AR Experience

  • Go to build Section
  • Settings need to build a platform and gorup
  • Set compression method (recommended LZ4)
  • Clilck build button to start build ARExperience
Build Platform and Platform Group must be the same!
Make sure the scene has been saved or not modified, otherwise it will not be packaged successfully.
So far, the AR creative interactive experience resource package has been built, and it can be deployed to the Dashboard later.
The AR creative experience content package will be output to your project root directory ServerData/package platform (such as: iOS)/project name under
  • Your Project Name.arexperience
  • Your Project Name.json
These files will be upload to our dashboard later.
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