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Install XR-Dev Environment


Get the basic development environment by reading the XR Experience Content Development Kit Installation article. Since we need to combine XRMOD Engine with Unity to develop a new APP or XR-Experience content, We need to install some required packages.

Everything is ready, we use the shortcut keys (Mac: Command+Shift+B; Win: Ctrl+Shift+B) to open the Build Settings panel and change to the platform we need.

Switch Platform
  • com.phantomsxr.xrmodenginesettings
  • com.phantomsxr.xrmod.handheldar
  • com.phantomsxr.ilcore
  • com.phantomsxr.armodsimulator

How to check the package name?


There may be some pop-ups during the installation process, and we need to do some manual operations.

The default input system for Unity projects is the old input system, but since we will be using the New Input System for our XRI, Unity will pop up a confirmation window for you to confirm.

If you select Yes your Unity will be restarted, here we can select No to restart manually later

This proiect may contain an obsolete method to validate interactions between XR Interactors and Interactables. This Update is only required for older projects updating the XR Interaction Toolkit dackage. It this dackage was newly installed please cancel this operation.

Here we select Go Ahead and that's it.


After the installation is complete, open the Edit->Project Settings->PhantomsXR->XR-MOD Engine SDK Settings in the menu bar at the top of Unity to initialize our project configuration, as shown in the following figure. After completing this step, we can start developing AR-APP or XR-Experience content.

Configure your project according to the following platform.

Now you can see a new settings view appear; Set up according to the order of the pictures below:


If a ❌ 6 appears in the [5] area you will see the Fix button behind it, click on it to fix it.

  • Don't forget to click Apply button to save your configuration.
  • Make sure that all options in area 5 are ✅ status

Once all the configuration is done, we are ready to develop the content. Click here to learn how to develop your first XR Experience content.