FaceMesh Example


ARExperience Project in the github is not a Unity project! You need create an Unity project by yourself.
The face mesh is a uv texture and mesh of a face. This example instantiates and updates a mesh representing the detected face.
This example uses the front-facing (i.e., selfie) camera.
You can download it form our github.

How to use?

Please read the writing Your First ARMOD Project article, and then import the FaceMeshExample project into the Unity project.
  • Open package tools
  • Right clicked the Project list area, select the Open Project
  • Add FaceMeshExample downloaded from github repository
Please check if your configuration is consistent with the picture below:
Face Mesh Properties
Adding our ARFaceMesh Visualizer t to our Contents Section, picture below:
Face Mesh Contents
FaceMesh Visualizer will be create by yourself. And the Name must be consistent with Your Project.Because ARMOD will automatically load our facemesh visualizer.
Start build our ARExperience.
Upload these files to our dashboard.
Contains all our AR content.
Our ARExperience package version and information

UV Asset

You can download this uv to draw anything on it. This can be used for beauty makeup, such as lipstick, blush, etc.
Face mesh uv
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