Focus Example


ARExperience Project in the github is not a Unity project! You need create an Unity project by yourself.
First of all, we need to clarify that the Focus algorithm is an interactive method in SLAM, not a real SLAM algorithm.
This example mainly introduces how to use Focus SLAM to make an AR experience in IKEA Place style. And this ARExperience created by Unity 2020.3f1, URP 10+ ,ARMOD 0.0.1.
You can download this example from our github repository.

How to use?

Please read the writing Your First ARMOD Project article, and then import the FocusExample project into the Unity project.
  • Open package tools
  • Right clicked the Project list area, select the Open Project
  • Add FocusExample downloaded from github repository
Please check if your configuration is consistent with the picture below:
Adding our AR virutal object to our Contents Section, picture below:
Start build our ARExperience.
Upload these files to our dashboard.
Contains all our AR content.
Our ARExperience package version and information
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