Spatial Mapping In AR-MOD

What is Spatial mapping?

Spatial mapping (also called 3D reconstruction) is the ability to create a 3D map of the environment. It allows a device to understand and interact with the real world. Spatial mapping is useful for collision avoidance, motion planning, and realistic blending of the real and virtual world.
Spatial mapping overview


Spatial mapping is an amazing technology for us.It implies a clone of our real world.
And today we will talk about how to spatial mapping in AR-MOD SDK. Before we start, we should first understand the spatial mapping technology path in AR-MOD.
AR-MOD itself does not provide Spatial mapping technology. But we support this technology, because we using the Immersal SDK to do this!
Digital and reality AR ready to merge

Data Collection

We need to download the Immersal mapping App
‎Immersal Mapper
App Store
Immersal Mapper - Apps on Google Play

Capturing Images/Mapping

The Cloud Service constructs maps from images and camera data such as camera intrinsics and tracked camera pose data. The Immersal Mapper app uses AR Foundation to access the data and then submits it to the Immersal Cloud Service using the REST API.
LiDAR data from the latest iOS devices is not currently used due to range limitations.
Quick Start At Mapping(Youtube)

Export Data

We must go to the Immersal dashboard, then download the mapping data and import to Unity.

Build the Mirror world with AR-MOD

You must install the Unity Editor and AR-MOD development kit

Make Spatial mapping data

  1. 1.
    Create a new Empty GameObject,reset the transform and rename to ARMap
  2. 2.
    Add ARMap.cs component to ARMap GameObject
  3. 3.
    Drag-And-Drop our spatial mapping data to ARMap -> Map File . You will see the point cloud on Unity Scene or Game view
Point Cloud
We can put some primitive objects (such as cubes, spheres, etc.) into the scene and become sub-objects of AR Map.
sub-objects of AR-Map

Create AR Experience project

Open the PackageTools by Tools->AR-MOD->PackageTools Editor.Next right click the Project list view and select the BLANK template to create a new AR-Experience project.
Create Project

Modify Properties

PackageTools help us to create the AR-MOD AR-Experience project. But now we have not completed the Anchor project, we need to use the PackageTools Editor to further set up the project.

What is Properties?

Used to set some attributes of the current AR-MOD AR experience project, such as the type of AR algorithm used, script entry, image quality, etc.
  • Change the AR algorithm to Immersal
  • Add new properites block Programmable Block
  • Change Immersal Setting -> Render Mode to Editor and Runtime
Final Properties

Packing AR-Experience

Back to the PackageTools and click the Build tap button. Select the corresponding platform for packaging.

Upload AR-Experience

Go to to uploda this project. more information about dashoboard you can go to this articel.
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