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What is XRMOD engine

The XRMOD Engine is an XR construction system built on the OpenXR protocol. It supports not only VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality), but also traditional screen-based methods.

Moreover, the XRMOD Engine is free and comes without any watermarks. It also offers commercial licenses for free.

Concept of XRMOD

A MOD in gaming is a modification program that can alter game content, adding new features, items, characters, scenes, and more. MODs can be created by players themselves, or downloaded from other players who have created them.

We have extended the MOD concept to the XRMOD Engine, offering users more freedom to create interactive content that is both creative and engaging. With our engine, users no longer need to worry about algorithm and code implementation, but can instead focus on producing innovative interactive experiences. With just a few lines of code, users can leverage the power of the XRMOD Engine to create more business value in their applications.

Be ModuleAs its name suggests, this will enable developers to easily incorporate the XRMOD engine into their native app.
Be Unity PluginXRMOD Engine provides full support for the Unity Editor, which can be used by creators not only for the creation of XR experience content, but also for plug-ins for Unity cross-platform applications.


01. Plane Detect virtual object
02. Anchor Place
03. FaceMesh
04. 360 panorama
05. Image tracking
06. AR world
07. Point Cloud
08. Meshing
09. Light Estimation
10. Environment Reflection
11. Ocullusion
12. Multiplayer
13. Virtual Reality
14. Mixed Reality
15. MOD
16. Unity
17. Dashboard CMS
18 .SDKs
19 .Templates
20 .Unified Format
21 .Cloud Base




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