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🐞 Fixed

  • Core:Fix android face mesh incorrect size and position
  • Core:Fix android face mesh lost and then tracking again, virtual objects can not appear
  • Immersal: Fix License will not be saved after Mapdownloader restarts Unity
  • Immersal: Fix Localized success regardless of success or failure
  • Immersal: Fix OnImmersalMapRegister is not executed and the configuration cannot take effect
  • Immersal: Fix Configure not working
  • Immersal: Fix Can not cancel auto executed
  • PackageTools: Fix Freeing the global Assetbundle causes an error
  • PackageTools: Fix PackageProject has been not saved

✴️ Added

  • ProjectSettings: Added automatic addition of Shader and shader variant
  • ProjectSettings: Automatically remove Vulkan
  • ProjectSettings: Automatically set ColorSpace to Linear
  • Simulator: Add Unity Editor simulator

✍️ Changed

  • Template: Change all template script namespace from TEMPLATE_PROJECT_NAME to TEMPLATE_PROJECT_NAME_Runtime
  • ProjectSettings: