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🐞 Fixed

  • Core: XR content error causes crash(SCRUM-625)
  • Core: Non-XR mode exit error(SCRUM-626)
  • Core: Non-XR content calling Exit() crashes(SCRUM-632)
  • Renderer: Extremely low shadow resolution(SCRUM-630)
  • MonoBinder: MonoBinder multiple script binding failure for one object(SCRUM-631)
  • PackageTools: Content Tab vertical scroll bar is displayed correctly(SCRUM-627)
  • Foundation: Warning: The asset will be ignored....(SCRUM-655)
  • Foundation: Foundation Lack of dependency on ILCore(SCRUM-656)
  • Simulator: XRMOD Dev-Test play button missing(SCRUM-611)

✴️ Added

  • Core: Support enum conversion error for mono binder(SCRUM-628)
  • Core: Support Vector2,Vector3,Vector4,Quaternion type for mono binder(SCRUM-629)

✍️ Changed

  • MonoBinder: Change Auto-Bind and Refresh buttons to drag-and-drop object field
  • MonoBinder: Only enabled is true script can be convert
  • Exapmles: Upgrade all exmaples to 2.0.0-pre.11
  • Upgrade Unity Editor version to 2021.3.11f1