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🐞 Fixed

  • XR: Fix AnchorManagerExtension can place anchor onto ARPlane
  • API: Fix Awake method has been not working
  • API: Fix KeyNotFoundException: Cannot find method:setEaseInBack in type:LTDescr, token=LTDescr LTDescr::setEaseInBack()
  • API: Fix TryAcquireDownloadMesh load error after cached
  • Litjson: Fix ListJson type System.Int32 to type System.Int64 error
  • Litjson: Fix JsonException: Can't assign value '0' (type System.Double) to type System.Int32
  • ILCore: Fix enum type error with MonoBinder
  • ILCore: Fix vector type error with MonoBinder
  • Renderer: Fix low shadow resoultion
  • ProjectSettings: Fix XR-Plugin fix-button not working at the first time

✴️ Added

  • API: XR Experiences send messages to App side
  • API: App side send message to XR Experiences
  • API: Add Overlay camera API
  • API: Add AR plane size/alignment/classification
  • API: Get custom configure data
  • Core: UDM System support
  • Core: Add UIMonoBehaviour for listen UGUI touch events
  • PackageTools: Add Immersal new settings:
    • Use Filtering
    • Reset Filtering after map change
  • PackageTools: Add LightEstimate shadow strength(default 0.7)

✍️ Changed

  • API: StickObject API will be return Anchor Gameobject now
  • Core: ARWorld algorhtm upgrade to 1.17.1
  • Core: GLTF loader upgrade to 5.0
  • Core: ILCore upgrade to 2.1
  • Core: Remove MonoBehaviour, use XRMODBehaviour and UIMonoBehaviour instead
  • Core: Reduce code flow and clearer
  • Dashboard: Uptade to 2.0.0-pre.2(Incompatible with older versions)
  • WebNetworkExtension: Use UniTask instead