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CMS Dashboard

What is the Dashbaord of XRMOD?

The dashboard is the AR content manager system. It helps our AR Experience and showcase make more flexible and convenient.

How to use the Dashboard?

At the first, We need go to our website( and register an account. After the registration, we will send a diamond to your mailbox, please go to the mailbox to verify your account.

After verifying the account, use the account and password just registered to log in.

Create App

Since we are new users so we need to create an app for binding our ARMOD application client.

Create ARExperience Project

Go to the Develop Center and we can see right side have a menu button, click it. Select the New ARExperience to create a new ARExperience project.


This article Introduction s how to use the dashboard to configure and manage our ARExperience and associate ARExperience with ARShowcase.For specific API usage, please refer to Rest API.